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Who we are

Join syncreon and be a part of our dynamic team as we demonstrate how the new generation of supply chain professionals operate. We have longstanding relationships with the premier brands of the Automotive and Technology industries and have received international recognition for delivering exceptional service to Fortune 500 customers with the highest standards. Our commitment to develop and deliver custom logistics solutions with real-time information sharing has fueled syncreon’s consistent growth over the past decade. We help our clients produce and deliver their products to market, and that work takes many forms. Think of us as the special forces of the logistics world.

Our proprietary software, agile implementation teams, and demonstrated ability to perform mission critical operations allow our clients to execute strategic maneuvers within their supply chains. syncreon enjoys a confidence which is evident in our corporate culture and in our rich history of delivering winning solutions for our customers. Our primary disciplines of Engineering, IT, Finance, Operations, and HR work as functional teams in more than 100 locations throughout 20 countries. Our staff of 12,000 has opportunities for learning, personal growth, teamwork, and career advancement at all levels.

what we do

syncreon is a specialized provider of integrated logistics services to global industries. We offer advanced supply chain solutions designed and customized to achieve maximum flexibility and agility that enable our clients to achieve the highest efficiency in their business.

By handling, processing, and managing the inbound and outbound flow of materials and products for producers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) across a number of industrial sectors we are able to deliver the right products to the right place at the right time for our customers.

about ‘supply chain synergy’

synergy is a value that means we work unselfishly to co produce our service with our customers. We don’t just possess experience; we learn and improve from experience. We are a collective source of innovation helping build synergistic supply chain solutions with our customers. We enjoy working with our customers and with each other. We do more than expect to do the job right; we demand of each other that we do the job right. We work for our colleagues and customers to design unexpected, uncommon and unequalled supply chain innovation.

syncreon -- What’s in a name?

The name syncreon means “unity of Leaders” and is derived from the Latin roots

“syn” or coming together
“Creon” or Leader

The name fits, as we originated from the merger of two Logistics leaders:

Walsh Western, in Ireland, providing value-added services to Leading High Tech companies, and TDS Logistics, in North America, providing Value-added services to Leading Automotive companies.

The name carries on, as we join forces with our customers and continue to create unique, strategic supply chain solutions. We remain privately held and are still managed by our founders.

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